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God gives the Holy Spirit to those who ask. God also needed the Holy Spirit {Gen 1:1-2) God spoke and the spirit was created, God also needed the holy spirit. Jesus needed the Holy Spirit while he was here on earth; he didn’t start ministry until he was baptized. After he was Baptized by John, the heavens open and the Holy Spirit descended like a dove and God spoke “this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased” He announced his ministry. Your knowledge of him (Holy Spirit) will help you to maximize the benefits from him. In Luke 4:1, after that experience Jesus was full of the Holy Ghost and was led by the spirit; it’s God’s desire for us to be full of the Holy Ghost. We need the fullness of the Holy Spirit, we need to understand him better, and we need to know him deeper. The bible tells us in (Roman 8:14) “As many that are led by the spirit of God they are the sons of God” NOT as many that are baptized by the spirit of God, NOT as many that know about the spirit of God, not as many that are workers in the church of God but as many that are led by the spirit of God they are the sons of God, so you need that relationship with the holy spirit to become the son of God.

The essence of our new birth is to come into son ship, the Bible tells us that unto us a child is born but a son is given. God is looking for son and not every Christian that is a son but those who are led by the Holy Spirit. We have to be led by the Holy Spirit., The bible speaks of those who are led not those who are directed. To be led by the spirit is not the same thing by been directed by the spirit, to be led by the spirit is to be taken by the hands and taken through until you get to your destination. The Greek word AGO means to take someone by the hands and take them to their destination. The Holy Spirit doesn’t want to point to us where to go only but to take us there. As many that are led by the spirit of God they shall be called the Son of God. God is looking for sons.


  • To cause a person to go with them by hand or to drive a person.
  • To guide by the hands like leading a little child: Most of us we just want the Holy Spirit to point us in a direction to go but God wants the Holy Spirit to take us by the hand and lead us. Those who are led by the spirit are the sons of God.
  • To have embraced; those who are yielded; those who are been driven: they are not the one driving but they are being driven. Sons are those who are being led by the spirit and only doing what the spirit leads him to do.


  • To be led by the Holy spirit means it’s not about your will but his will, it’s not about your will; not about what you want to do but about what he wants done.
  • Whenever your desire conflicts with his expectation you surrender with what he desires.
  • When the flesh does not take priority over the spirit.
  • You will be subject to the law of God. You will subject to the commandment of God; you will be subject to the instructions of God; You will not be dominated by the flesh and the actions of the flesh


  • You need to know him, the Holy Spirit is the spirit of God (1cor 3:16)
  • The holy spirit is referred to as the spirit of Christ.(Roman 8:9)
  • The holy spirit is the eternal spirit; this means the holy spirit has no begin and no end. Hebrew 9:14 tells us much more about the spirit of Christ, so the Holy Spirit is the eternal spirit so. The Holy Spirit has been there with God, he was there with Jesus Christ right from the beginning, Jesus did nothing without the help of holy spirit.
  • The Holy Spirit is the spirit of truth: as you know he is the author of the bible. The bible is the book of truth and the holy spirit is the spirit of truth (John16:13) tells us that he will guard us into all truth for he shall not speak for himself but whatsoever he shall hear that you shall speak and he will show you things to come.
  • The Holy Spirit is the spirit of grace, when you embrace the Holy Spirit, when you receive the Holy Spirit, Grace will always surround you.
  • The Holy Spirit is the spirit of life (Roman 8:2) the Holy Spirit is the law of the spirit of life: when you have the Holy Spirit you have life.
  • The Holy Spirit is the spirit of glory (Ephesians 1:17). He isn’t just a comforter, the Holy Spirit our helper, the Holy Spirit is our comforter.
  • The Holy Spirit is the spirit of wisdom and Revelation: when you receive the Holy Spirit you receive the spirit of wisdom and revelation.
  • The Holy Spirit is the comforter: Jesus Christ himself said the comforter which is the holy ghost whom the father will send him my name (john 14:26).
  • The Holy Spirit is the spirit of holiness, if you have received the spirit of holiness, you cannot work unrighteousness and unholiness, you work in holiness when you the spirit of God inside of you (Roman 1:4). The bible called him the spirit of faith and the spirit of adoption.


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