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Genesis 1:1-3 (NLT).

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was formless and empty and darkness covered the deep waters . And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters.3 Then God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light” 

” Timothy, my son, here are my instructions for you, based on the prophetic words spoken about you earlier. May they help you fight well in the Lord’s battles” -1 Timothy 1:18 (NLT)

God spoke in the beginning, He is speaking now and He will continue to speak but you need to position yourself to be able to enjoy what God is saying. You need to maximize benefits from the prophetic words spoken by God. Every year, believers eagerly wait for ‘a prophetic word’ from God. But the question is: “how many people really enjoy the words spoken by God?”

God does not only speak at the beginning of the year and ‘ABOVE ONLY’ will not be the only prophetic word from God to us this year. It takes warfare for prophecies to come to pass; that it is spoken does not mean it will automatically come to pass. Somebody has to pray earnestly (in the secret). Example is the account of Prophet Elijah in 1 King 18. The people of Israel started enjoying the rain after 3 and half years of drought but few of them were aware of what was done, by Elijah in secret, to make that prophecy a reality.

Open prophecy requires secret warfare for manifestation. The fact that God has given you ‘a word’ doesn’t mean you should go and sleep; you have to do something about it. You have to fight, contend for what belongs to you. One of the reasons prophecies don’t come to pass is because we don’t engage in spiritual battle (on our knees). When you hear a prophecy from God, pray and fast about it (Daniel 9:24; 10:2-3) and obey what God tells you to do about it (Mat 2:13, 19-20).

God gives us prophecies for:

  • Expectation – Where there is no expectation, there is no manifestation
  • Direction -to watch your steps
  • Hope – Lamentations 3:21
  • Vision – Proverbs 29:18
  • Revelation of what God is doing in our life

How to enjoy Divine prophecies

  • Receive it- Luke 1:38
  • Believe it – Lukel:20
  • Confess it
  • Do something about it
Doing The Will Of God

Doing The Will Of God

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The Glory of God

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