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Prayer Points

  • Lord upgrade my life
  • lord i receive the grace and wisdom to do what i could not do in 2017
  • Lord prepare me for what you have prepared for me
  • Lord thank you for safety
  • Lord erase any mark of evil against me and my family
  • there shall be no difficulty in forgiving one another.
  • We let go of every unforgiveness for anyone.
  • I come against every limiting forces against my destiny.
  • I am passing through in Jesus name. Ps18:29
  • Lord i need you to break limitations
  • Lord you will be number one in my life and i will continue to seek you



  • i will not be powerless. Acts 1:8
  • what you couldn’t do in 2017 you will do it in 2018
  • the mercies of God will remain with you
  • old things have passed away and all has become new. Rev21:4




Jer 31:34, 33:8, 50:20