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Prayer Points

Thank you Lord for driving out tenants (limits, barriers, hindrances etc)Josh 3:5,10

thank you Lord for driving out everything that prevents us from flourishing

Lord help me not to forget the password for 2018

Lord give me the capacity to obey you in 2018. Ish 1:19

Lord i will eat the good of the land of South Africa. Ish 1:19


Prayer Points

Lord i will spend the days of 2018 in prosperity . Job 36:11

Lord i will prosper in all things and be in health as my soul prospers. 3Jhn 1:2

Lord will visit me early in 2018

Lord whatever will make me successful and happy i receive it. Job 36:11

Lord by being obedient to you,  i will be a special treasure to you in 2018.

Lord prepare me for what you have prepared me for. 1Cor 2:9



Lord this is the year 2018 that you have made, i will rejoice and be glad. Ps 118:24

They will be high degree of rejoicing in Gloryland SA

This year no enemy will stop what God has prepared for you. Ps 23:5

This year nobody will drive you away in the house of the Lord. Ps 23:6

every cycle of inconsistency is broken in Jesus name goodness and mercy shall follow you


As you crossover

they will be no evil carry over

you will take over

what you have gathered will not be scattered

what you said goodbye to will not follow you



As you start the year 2018 start it with God. Gen 1:1


Why begin with God

because God is a creator. Gen 1:1

Because God makes all things possible. Matt 19:26

because He has plans for you. Jer 29:11

because you will not stay awake in vain. Ps 127:1