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Prayer Points

  • Lord all that is within me will bless you. Ps 103:1
  • Father this year i will not forget your benefits. Ps103:2
  • Father thank you because you have purged me off all iniquities and diseases. Ps103: 3
  • My life is redeemed from destruction. Ps103:4
  • Thank you Lord for protecting me from death
  • God satisfy my mouth with good things in 2018 Ps103:5
  • Lord let your presence go with me everywhere in 2018
  • I take back whatever is mine that the enemy is holding back. 1Kg22:3
  • We tear the devil’s kingdom down
  • I refuse to be afraid of any negative word.
  • Isa37:36-38, Ps103:20
  • Lord i thank you for what you are doing on my behalf.
  • Lk21:15
  • My words will not come back void. Isa55:11



  • The words that you speak are spirit and life. Jn6:63
  • You have a mouth that cannot be resisted. Ps45:1
  • Receive the power to say the right words
  • God will show you His glory. Ex33:17-18


Prophetic declarations

  • I will prosper in everything i do this year Ps1:3
  • I am moving from glory to glory. 2Cor 3:18
  • All things are possible for me this year.
  • No weapon formed against me this year shall prosper. Isa 54:17, 65, Jer33:3
  • 2Cor 4:13


I believe and speak that:

  • I will be fresh and flourishing
  • The sick will be Healed
  • No one will die in our midst
  • i will serve God better
  • Bad news will be good news
  • God will arise and have mercy upon me
  • Those lied against will tell truth
  • I will go from glory to glory
  • Lord will settle financially
  • I will be a problem solver
  • I will harvest this year
  • The glory is risen, and all eyes shall see it.
  • Opportunities will be open to me