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Prayer Points

  • Authority is how to speak God’s word. Mat 8:6-9
  • Lk 10:19
  • mat 21:21
  • Lord let me see what you are doing this year. Micah4:13
  • Everything that is carrying my wealth and joy be separated
  • I take back everything that is mine. Rom8:28
  • I receive an increase i my life
  • Pray for promotion in specific areas



  • Every stagnancy in your life is coming to an end.
  • Your life changing for better
  • You are going to greater heights
  • Goodness and mercy shall follow you.
  • The Lord will cause a divine transformation to take place in your life



Prayer Points

  • Lord touch my mouth
  • Lord let the fire of the Spirit come upon me. Acts 2:1-3
  • Every house contending with our destiny shall be destroyed. Obadiah 1:18
  • I take back what is rightfully mine.
  • Father give me fame where shame existed in my life. Zeph 3:17-20