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Title: Contentment

Pastor Favour Junaid

Problems are everywhere but learn to speak your solutions.
God is restoring your dominion.

What keeps you in contentment

➢ Excuses
➢ laziness
➢ procrastination
➢ no change in your
➢ Spirit of contentment
➢ delay
➢ disappointments
➢ stagnancy

How to come out of contentment

➢ by your utterance
➢ by prayer

Example of people who broke out of contentment

➢ Jabez. 1 Chro 4:9-10
➢ Jacob. Gen 32:224-29
➢ Daughters of Zelophehad. Num 27:7
➢ Isaac digging a well . Gen 26
➢ Micah 4:6-13

Prayer Points

➢ Lord i come out of contentment
➢ i take back my dominion, authority, power. Lk 10:19
➢ i trample upon snakes, scorpions, and all the power of the enemy in Jesus name. Lk10:19
➢ All that has been stolen from me is restored


✓ nothing can hurt you this year. Lk 10:19
✓ the enemy will not predict your strategies this year
✓ the authority you have been given you will not lose it this year. Lk 10:19
✓ everything you do you will come out top in 2018
✓ God will change the way you speak about your situation in 2018
✓ Let no evil communication come out of my mouth