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Title: Know God for yourself

Pastor Femi Junaid

Know God for yourself God is not a man. Num 23:19
Who God is:
God is greater than any man. Job 33:12
God is a revealer of secrets. Dan 2:47
God is a merciful God
God is love. 1Jhn 4:8
God is omniscient
God is omnipotent
God is omnipresent
remembrance is key to expectations
you have the right to determine what follows you. Ps 23:6

Prayer Points

➢ Lord thank you for all you have done in 2018
➢ Lord thank you for answered prayers in 2018
➢ Lord i receive the capacity to be able to forgive
➢ Lord that what was meant for me and i did not attain in 2017 it will come to pass in 2018
➢ Lord i receive divine upgrade. Gen 32:27-28
➢ Lord upgrade my life. Gen 32:27-28
➢ God i want to know you deeper
➢ God i thank you for you are not a man that you should lie
➢ I come against everything that has held me bound. Eph6:13-20


✓ This year what you need to see your eyes will see it, what you need to hear you will hear it. 1Cor 2:9
✓ only goodness and mercy shall follow you in 2018. Ps 23:6
✓ every cycle of inconsistency is broken in Jesus name
✓ what stopped you in 2017 will not stop you in 2018
✓ Lord i receive divine upgrade. Gen 32:27-28
✓ all things have become new in your life
✓ what you have gathered will not be scattered in Jesus name
✓ in 2018 you will be relevant to your generation
✓ you are not going back to the way things used to be.
✓ your house shall be a house of prayer and praise
✓ may you know God in a new and deeper dimension in 2018
✓ you will trample under snakes and scorpions