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Happy New Year! We will be focusing on entrepreneurship for the first half of this year. Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Do you need to learn how to implement your ideas, build businesses and impact your community positively? If yes, you are welcome here.

Freelancers get paid for their work. If you’re a freelance copywriter, you get paid when you work. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, use other people’s money to build a business bigger than them so that they can get paid even when they’re asleep. Many Freelancers will grumble at this definition but they can truly become entrepreneurs if they have an “entrepreneurial mindset.

Freelancing is an essential step in the entrepreneur’s journey. You have to learn how to find clients, talk to them and get them to pay you. You have to learn how to develop skills and ideas and test them in the marketplace. Freelancing is great, because for all intents and purposes, you can get started immediately. The truth is that almost anything can make money but first, you have to change your mindset.

You must start viewing your skills and experiences as bankable, valuable resources worth paying for. You – yes you, can help someone with skills and knowledge that you already have. The easiest way to do this is by freelancing. Freelancing can change    your    l life    (and I recommend anyone looking to leave the nine to five job, first find work for themselves as a freelancer on the side), but freelancing is only halfway there. It’s a necessary bridge to get you away from your day job and into independent living. On the other side of that bridge is full-fledged entrepreneurship.

The difference between entrepreneurship and freelancing comes down to TIME. Freelancers exchange time for money (although much more money than a traditional job). Entrepreneurs depend on systems, automation and eventually, employees that work without their direct involvement. The key question is: “If I take myself out of the equation, does the business still work? If the answer is yes, you are an entrepreneur. If you can create enough momentum i n your business that you’ll still make money, regardless of what you do on a day-to­ day basis, you are an entrepreneur. This is where you want to end up.

Until we meet again in our next edition, think of how to become a freelancer by the side and build systems to become an Entrepreneur.

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