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Fasting and Prayers – 13th January 2018

Prayer Points

  • Lord all that is within me will bless you. Ps 103:1
  • Father this year i will not forget your benefits. Ps103:2
  • Father thank you because you have purged me off all iniquities and diseases. Ps103: 3
  • My life is redeemed from destruction. Ps103:4
  • Thank you Lord for protecting me from death
  • God satisfy my mouth with good things in 2018 Ps103:5
  • Lord let your presence go with me everywhere in 2018
  • I take back whatever is mine that the enemy is holding back. 1Kg22:3
  • We tear the devil’s kingdom down
  • I refuse to be afraid of any negative word.
  • Isa37:36-38, Ps103:20
  • Lord i thank you for what you are doing on my behalf.
  • Lk21:15
  • My words will not come back void. Isa55:11



  • The words that you speak are spirit and life. Jn6:63
  • You have a mouth that cannot be resisted. Ps45:1
  • Receive the power to say the right words
  • God will show you His glory. Ex33:17-18


Prophetic declarations

  • I will prosper in everything i do this year Ps1:3
  • I am moving from glory to glory. 2Cor 3:18
  • All things are possible for me this year.
  • No weapon formed against me this year shall prosper. Isa 54:17, 65, Jer33:3
  • 2Cor 4:13


I believe and speak that:

  • I will be fresh and flourishing
  • The sick will be Healed
  • No one will die in our midst
  • i will serve God better
  • Bad news will be good news
  • God will arise and have mercy upon me
  • Those lied against will tell truth
  • I will go from glory to glory
  • Lord will settle financially
  • I will be a problem solver
  • I will harvest this year
  • The glory is risen, and all eyes shall see it.
  • Opportunities will be open to me

Fasting and Prayers – 12th January 2018

Prayer Points

  • Authority is how to speak God’s word. Mat 8:6-9
  • Lk 10:19
  • mat 21:21
  • Lord let me see what you are doing this year. Micah4:13
  • Everything that is carrying my wealth and joy be separated
  • I take back everything that is mine. Rom8:28
  • I receive an increase i my life
  • Pray for promotion in specific areas



  • Every stagnancy in your life is coming to an end.
  • Your life changing for better
  • You are going to greater heights
  • Goodness and mercy shall follow you.
  • The Lord will cause a divine transformation to take place in your life



Prayer Points

  • Lord touch my mouth
  • Lord let the fire of the Spirit come upon me. Acts 2:1-3
  • Every house contending with our destiny shall be destroyed. Obadiah 1:18
  • I take back what is rightfully mine.
  • Father give me fame where shame existed in my life. Zeph 3:17-20

Fasting and Prayers – 11th January 2018

Title: Contentment

Pastor Favour Junaid

Problems are everywhere but learn to speak your solutions.
God is restoring your dominion.

What keeps you in contentment

➢ Excuses
➢ laziness
➢ procrastination
➢ no change in your
➢ Spirit of contentment
➢ delay
➢ disappointments
➢ stagnancy

How to come out of contentment

➢ by your utterance
➢ by prayer

Example of people who broke out of contentment

➢ Jabez. 1 Chro 4:9-10
➢ Jacob. Gen 32:224-29
➢ Daughters of Zelophehad. Num 27:7
➢ Isaac digging a well . Gen 26
➢ Micah 4:6-13

Prayer Points

➢ Lord i come out of contentment
➢ i take back my dominion, authority, power. Lk 10:19
➢ i trample upon snakes, scorpions, and all the power of the enemy in Jesus name. Lk10:19
➢ All that has been stolen from me is restored


✓ nothing can hurt you this year. Lk 10:19
✓ the enemy will not predict your strategies this year
✓ the authority you have been given you will not lose it this year. Lk 10:19
✓ everything you do you will come out top in 2018
✓ God will change the way you speak about your situation in 2018
✓ Let no evil communication come out of my mouth

Fasting and Prayers -10th January 2018

Title: Know God for yourself

Pastor Femi Junaid

Know God for yourself God is not a man. Num 23:19
Who God is:
God is greater than any man. Job 33:12
God is a revealer of secrets. Dan 2:47
God is a merciful God
God is love. 1Jhn 4:8
God is omniscient
God is omnipotent
God is omnipresent
remembrance is key to expectations
you have the right to determine what follows you. Ps 23:6

Prayer Points

➢ Lord thank you for all you have done in 2018
➢ Lord thank you for answered prayers in 2018
➢ Lord i receive the capacity to be able to forgive
➢ Lord that what was meant for me and i did not attain in 2017 it will come to pass in 2018
➢ Lord i receive divine upgrade. Gen 32:27-28
➢ Lord upgrade my life. Gen 32:27-28
➢ God i want to know you deeper
➢ God i thank you for you are not a man that you should lie
➢ I come against everything that has held me bound. Eph6:13-20


✓ This year what you need to see your eyes will see it, what you need to hear you will hear it. 1Cor 2:9
✓ only goodness and mercy shall follow you in 2018. Ps 23:6
✓ every cycle of inconsistency is broken in Jesus name
✓ what stopped you in 2017 will not stop you in 2018
✓ Lord i receive divine upgrade. Gen 32:27-28
✓ all things have become new in your life
✓ what you have gathered will not be scattered in Jesus name
✓ in 2018 you will be relevant to your generation
✓ you are not going back to the way things used to be.
✓ your house shall be a house of prayer and praise
✓ may you know God in a new and deeper dimension in 2018
✓ you will trample under snakes and scorpions

Fasting and Prayers – 5th January 2018

Prayer Points

  • Lord upgrade my life
  • lord i receive the grace and wisdom to do what i could not do in 2017
  • Lord prepare me for what you have prepared for me
  • Lord thank you for safety
  • Lord erase any mark of evil against me and my family
  • there shall be no difficulty in forgiving one another.
  • We let go of every unforgiveness for anyone.
  • I come against every limiting forces against my destiny.
  • I am passing through in Jesus name. Ps18:29
  • Lord i need you to break limitations
  • Lord you will be number one in my life and i will continue to seek you



  • i will not be powerless. Acts 1:8
  • what you couldn’t do in 2017 you will do it in 2018
  • the mercies of God will remain with you
  • old things have passed away and all has become new. Rev21:4




Jer 31:34, 33:8, 50:20


Fasting and Prayers – 3rd January 2018

Prayer Points

Thank you Lord for driving out tenants (limits, barriers, hindrances etc)Josh 3:5,10

thank you Lord for driving out everything that prevents us from flourishing

Lord help me not to forget the password for 2018

Lord give me the capacity to obey you in 2018. Ish 1:19

Lord i will eat the good of the land of South Africa. Ish 1:19


Prayer Points

Lord i will spend the days of 2018 in prosperity . Job 36:11

Lord i will prosper in all things and be in health as my soul prospers. 3Jhn 1:2

Lord will visit me early in 2018

Lord whatever will make me successful and happy i receive it. Job 36:11

Lord by being obedient to you,  i will be a special treasure to you in 2018.

Lord prepare me for what you have prepared me for. 1Cor 2:9



Lord this is the year 2018 that you have made, i will rejoice and be glad. Ps 118:24

They will be high degree of rejoicing in Gloryland SA

This year no enemy will stop what God has prepared for you. Ps 23:5

This year nobody will drive you away in the house of the Lord. Ps 23:6

every cycle of inconsistency is broken in Jesus name goodness and mercy shall follow you


As you crossover

they will be no evil carry over

you will take over

what you have gathered will not be scattered

what you said goodbye to will not follow you



As you start the year 2018 start it with God. Gen 1:1


Why begin with God

because God is a creator. Gen 1:1

Because God makes all things possible. Matt 19:26

because He has plans for you. Jer 29:11

because you will not stay awake in vain. Ps 127:1