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Gloryland Woman


Woman, Lady, Female, Miss, Mrs., or Madam, whatever you title yourself to be you are a woman or are you?  What is the true meaning of a woman?  What is she created to be?  What are her true qualities and characteristics.

God’s created plan for a woman is a spectacular and phenomenal being.  She is filled with inner beauty and grace.  For she knows her exquisiteness lies not in her skin, hair, figure or attire but in the treasures of her Spirit.  She is as her creator, wise, glorious, gentle yet powerful.  She is illuminated with splendor and vivaciousness.  Her elegance is so soft and mesmerizing.  Her spirit is quiet whispering the echoes of submission and humility.  She is pliable in the strong hands of her God, to his most Holy will.  She serves willingly gleaming with cheer.  She embraces her vulnerability, trusting that her Savior is sovereign to care and protect.  Her meekness is savored as the sweet juices from a ripe fruit, for she understands her strength and power but discreetly and wisely relies on the Holy Spirit to lead her.  She burns the light in her soul with all truth and modesty driven to please her God.  She disciplines her tongue to pour out fresh living waters to dry and parched souls of this world.  Her words are harmonious melodies filled with encouragement, truth, and grace.  She builds only up, defying the paths that lead to destruction.  A woman, a lady, a wife and a mother, she is created to multiply and add life to this world.  She is free to be herself, twirling, and spinning in this dance of life with the fruit of the Spirit manifested in her every move.  Softly, quietly, gracefully she bows in her heart yielding to every command of her Lord.

Are you embracing being a woman?  Do you like the God-given creation that is woven inside of you?  Do you strive for the softness and femininity and quietness of the soul and the yielded spirit that says yes to her Lord’s will?  Be a woman, do not look like one or dress like one but be a woman of God in every aspect of your life.